The shop floor is not the only place where we offer custom-made solutions, however, as our ingenuity also extends to the field of marketing. It is naturally up to you to decide how you define your marketing strategy. If you choose to adopt the various options we offer, however, you will indirectly benefit from the popularity of brands including Alulux, SolidScreen, Cubola, Jan des Bouvrie, Solidare, Aurora and Tibelly. What do we offer?

  • Showroom materials
    - Showroom displays
    - Showroom models
  • Promotional material
    - Consumer brochures
    - Product sheets
    - Personalized documentation

Showroom materials
Your showroom is instrumental in making that vital first impression on the customer. We therefore offer you product displays that present a complete picture of the possibilities available, such as the Alulux roller shutter display. This is not only a useful sales tool, but also highly suitable as a decorative element in your showroom. Presenting several displays in your showroom conveniently lends it a more professional look.

We offer not only complete displays, but also the option of ordering showroom models of our products. These are complete products, as it were, which can be dimensioned if you wish, so that they can be readily installed in your showroom. A Cubola at table height? It is an option.

If your showroom is still empty and you would like advice on how best to set it up, we would be pleased to assist. Ask your representative or our export department for advice.

Promotional material
Following the introduction of our new corporate identity in 2017, we embarked on a drive to optimise our promotional materials. In the meantime, we have produced consumer brochures for almost all product groups to present our range to your customers.

The content of our promotional materials is worded in neutral fashion. In other words, they contain no mention of Smits, nor any contact details. They feature only our range, while offering you the option of adding your own contact details. We are nevertheless fully aware that not all customers carry our entire range. And we have therefore compiled separate product sheets for each product. These are compiled according to the same principle.

The aforementioned printed matter can also be personalized to include your own logo and contact details. If you require such materials, please contact your representative or our export department, they will discuss your wishes with our marketing department.