Basisschool de Mullerpier

Project data

Region Zuid-Holland
Year of completion2015
Sun blind productsSolidScreen Standaard
CustomerBasisschool de Müllerpier


Mullerpier primary school (the Netherlands)

Mullerpier primary school is located at Lloydkwartier, Rotterdam. This modern school building has nine classrooms (capacity of approx. 190 students), situated around a central hall and auditorium.

In the spring of 2015, the school was fitted with 42 SolidScreens. Given that the classrooms are equipped with digiboards, it was decided to use Tibelly ecole1% fabric for the screens. This fabric was specifically designed to exclude the access of annoying sunlight to electronic displays.

The use of our screens fitted with this special fabric, enables students to attend lessons in a conducive learning environment, without any unnecessary distraction from external factors.