Markies Hout

Basically the most traditional type of awning, our Dutch canopies are still made according to traditional methods. Not using machinery or on a production line, but by a craftsman who possesses the knowledge, a great deal of knowledge. The wooden-framed Dutch canopy simply oozes traditional craftsmanship. A Dutch canopy for the purists among us, mounted in a wooden frame to provide that historical and perhaps even nostalgic look and feel. This doesn’t imply that wooden-framed Dutch canopy has not developed along with the times, however. This awning can easily match the specifications that other awning products have to meet nowadays.

In many respects, the wooden-framed Dutch canopy can also be adapted to your personal taste and wishes. There are three models to choose from. These are the standard model (which is pictured above), the cap model and the folding model. Furthermore, there are 76 different fabric patterns available, as well as the option of adding a flounce. The choice is entirely up to you.


  • Artisanal awning
  • Heat & light retardant
  • Also excludes ingress of light from the side
  • Unimpeded view
  • Numerous options in terms of look and feel

Maximum dimensions

 WidthProjectionFabric Length
Wooden-framed Dutch canopies6000 mm1800 mm3200 mm