Twins Solidare

The Twins Solidare is a terrace awning that was originally intended for the commercial market. However, this does not imply that it is only suitable for such application. This freestanding terrace awning can also be installed at your own home.

The characteristic feature of the Twins Solidare is that it offers unobstructed passage beneath the awning, regardless it is open or closed. The supports have are kept as slim as possible, in order to avoid any loss of valuable space.

The Twins Solidare is equipped with a zip-guided system. The fabric is completely sealed around due to this technique. This makes it more resistant to weather effects and there is no illumination between fabric and side guide. This terrace awning provides an impressive surface of shadow.


  • Zip-guided system
  • Heat and light-resistant
  • Fabric completely sealed around
  • No illumination between the fabric and side guide
  • Unobstructed passage beneath the awning
  • Can be coupled for additional shading surface

Technical specifications

Maximum dimensions (Width x Projection)6000 x 5000 mm
ColoursRAL 9010 White, RAL 7016 Anthracite grey textured, On request