Excellent screen windproof

As the name suggests, the Excellent windproof screen excels in the area of wind resistance. Its high resistance to wind renders the windproof ideal for use at considerable height, such as on an office building or apartment complex. It is therefore hardly surprising that this product is widely used as the screen of choice on large projects. You can nevertheless access all its benefits as a private customer, too.

Available in three colours as standard, and in any other RAL colour on request. Furthermore, you have a choice of 48 screen fabrics.


  • Heat & light retardant
  • Basic model of windproof vertical sun blind
  • Windproof, thanks to unique structure of profiled sections
  • Suitable for installation at considerable height

Technical specifications

Maximum dimensions (Width x Height)3000 x 1900 mm
2000 x 2500 mm
HeadboxesSlanted with lip, Rounded
ColoursRAL 9010 Wit, RAL 9001, TZ Technisch zilver
Accrylic fabricScreen