Solidare, a one of a kind shadow bringer. Do you have a patio roof, but no sun protection? Looking for a complete pergola awning? Or perhaps even an entirely freestanding awning? Solidare is the solution. The truly exceptional feature of the Solidare is that the fabric is guided using the same zipper technology made popular by the SolidScreen

  • Fabric completely sealed around
  • Fabric without sagging sides
  • Fabric which sags considerably less, even in larger systems
  • No light ingress between the fabric and side guide 

The Solidare family

A family with a history. Solidare is the result of many years of experience and innovation in the development and manufacture of professional terrace awnings. Solidare’s roots can be traced back to previous sun protection products.

In 1995 we launched a conservatory awning called Summerlight, which was the forerunner of the Solidare-system. This type of conservatory awning was later also incorporated in the Cubola (2010). In 2009 we launched the SolidScreen, the other branch.

And all these developments have finally led to the birth of the latest member of the family, the Solidare-system. This is a pergola awning combined with the zipper technology of our SolidScreen-range. History repeats itself. Thanks to its unique design, the Solidare can be installed as either a terrace awning, pergola awning or freestanding awning.

The development of Solidare have made it our best-selling terrace awning. And we trust that it will remain so for many years to come. 

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