Drop-arm awnings and Markisolettes; the former are among the first ever sun blind products, while the latter are a modern interpretation of the concept. Together, the two are responsible for the continuing popularity of façade-mounted sun blinds. They are highly effective in keeping the (low) sun out, without impeding one’s clear view of the outside. A drop-arm awning extends diagonally from the façade, thus successfully keeping the sun out. A Markisolette first opens vertically, before further extending diagonally. This enables you to create more shade indoors. Both products are highly suitable for project applications, thanks to their effectiveness and suitability for installation at height. Such projects include school buildings, office blocks and hospitals. Are drop-arm awnings and markisolettes only suitable for use as project sun blinds, however? Of course not; you can also enjoy all the benefits that these champions of shade offer in your own home. We would be pleased to give you a guided tour of our range.